Dr. Rajesh Gadia

Dr. Rajesh Gadia

Dr. Rajesh Gadia, Managing Director, Infedis Infotech LLP has 30 years Clinical Experience and 24 Years Intensive and Critical Care Experience. He is one of the most renowned Physician in the country.

His Research Project on Infectious Diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya is renowned worldwide with approx 6000 Dengue Patients on Record. Additionally, Dr. Gadia's consistent and exceptional Diagnosis on FUO (Fever of Unknown Origin) has been showcased in practically all Medical Colleges in the state of Maharashtra and streamed nationally.

Dr. Rajesh Gadia founded Hidoc Dr. with the intent to excel quality education among Doctors across all specializations. He realized the need for peer to peer education, along with locally relevant research articles and videos. Hidoc Dr. promotes Doctor Learning through exceptional detailed case discussions, medical articles and medical videos.



Varun Gadia

Working & Contributing to the Hidoc Family is the most fulfilling career I've ever had.


Aditi Godbole

Very nice workplace, motivated atmosphere, supportive managers & colleagues.


Aftaab Khan

Hidoc has been a stepping stone for my career and I am thankful for the elite guidance, knowledge I have been provided and managed to have the best experience under the excellent management and energetic team.


Ali Babude

I feel like my work here is always recognized, never overlooked.


Atish Waghmare

"Hidoc is always like a family, Excellent environment and Great place to learn and explore new areas of Finance & Taxation".


Anuradha Kashyap

Hidoc offers a friendly and supprotive work enviornment with flexibility to work from home.


Gayatri Hedau

Great place to work, excellent environment, supporting team, easy access to new learning.


Jay Kanjar

A company where you can learn all types of work.


Manik Ghorpade

At Hidoc I have gained skills and experience that I never imagined.


Narayan Wetal

I Learned a Lot from this company and all employees are very supportive.


Asma Shaikh

The Hidoc team is very friendly and supportive. I am exploring new areas of digital marketing here.There is a lot to learn here.Hidoc has provided me with an excellent opportunity with flexibility.


Shailesh Dharad

New platform which have added one more ladder in my career.


Poornima jain

Beginning a professional career is fraught with excitement, worry, and a great deal of self-doubt, but now I am glad and proud that my professional life has begun with Hidoc Dr. I am constantly improving my skills and knowledge with the challenging work and with the support of a fantastic team and mentors at Hidoc Dr.


Avinash Kaur

Hidoc has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, setting a standard of innovation and dedication that inspires us all. I'm proud to be a part of a company that fosters growth and positive change.


Ayan Dirghangi

A life changing career for me.Managers and colleagues are very supportive, here everyday you get to learn new things. Very happy to become a part of Hidoc Family


Saptarshi Banerjee

"It is truly a privilege to be a contributing member of this burgeoning startup. The dynamic and agile work environment, coupled with the unwavering support of our team members, has proven to be an invaluable source of learning for all of us. "


Sindhu Pasala

Hidoc was my first step into a competitive career, and the supportive team helped me learn so much. Grateful for the experience! "


Varsha Bakare

Hidoc offers a dynamic workplace with a versatile environment that enables me to become a well-rounded professional and evolve alongside the organization.


Anindita Guha

Being a member of the Hidoc team has been a wonderful experience. Hidoc is a very good platform to work with.


Anmol Singh

It's been great to start my career at Hidoc Dr, getting exposure to the professional world in the field.


Namrata Dwivedi

Hidoc has been the building block of confidence and knowledge and so many opportunities for me. It's been a pleasure working with such highly talented colleagues and management who are not only talented but also very encouraging for your growth at the same time .


Neha Pal

My experience at Hidoc has cultivated discipline, sharpened my campaign management skills, and offered an outstanding platform for continuous learning and exploration.


Riya Nandan

I'm thrilled to be a member of this emerging startup. The dynamic agile setting and the encouragement from our team members are providing us with valuable learning opportunities.


Murtuza Madarwala

I'm Lucky to be a part of this amazing & supportive team. Great workplace to learn new skills.


Haritha CK

Hidoc team's support and opportunities for growth enhanced my reading, research, and writing skills, significantly benefiting my learning in the medico marketing platform.


Arina mullak

Working at Hidoc gives you ample opportunities to learn and explore. It's been an amazing time to be in such a diverse and friendly environment that supports self-esteem.


Arnav Bhattacharya

Hidoc was my first step into a competitive career, and the supportive team helped me learn so much. Grateful for the experience!


Swathi B Kokkannavar

I truly believe that Hidoc is not just a workplace but a community of passionate individuals striving for excellence and I m really thankful for being part of such environment where I can learn,grow and make meaningful impact.


Sonali Bhoite

Great place to work, very supportive team having very good work experience.


Pratiksha Nawale

I've been working at Hidoc for over 1 years now, and I've really enjoyed my time here. The company culture is very supportive and collaborative, always encourages the new ideas and thoughts. Can learn new things Daily width hidoc.


Pratik Sale

Hidoc is like a family; it's a great place to work, with supportive staff and lots of new things and technology to learn.


Mohan Yerudu

Great place to work with full of freedom, especially freedom for research. HiDoc considers every suggestion from each employee during development. There are supportive managers and a good work-life balance. It's a good place to learn a lot of things.


Salman Shaikh

Being part of Hidoc means being in a workplace that's supportive, friendly, and full of opportunities.


Abhishek Bhosale

A great organization one can grow with and achieve great heights.


Nishant PV

Hidoc has provided the ideal environment for my professional development

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